How Flexible Working Has Worked For Me


This week is National Work Life Week, an opportunity for both employers and employees to focus on mental wellbeing, flexible working and achieving that much desired work/life balance. But how many of us truly feel we have the right work life balance? And is it even possible to manage 'flexible working' when you’re in a challenging, demanding profession? According to a study conducted by employee experience platform Perkbox, almost half of British employees work outside of their contracted hours for over an hour every day, including weekends. Over 20% of those surveyed said they felt that this extra work has negatively affected their health and family life and over 40% said it caused them to feel more stressed, as in most cases, flexible working just wasn’t an option. One positive to come out of COVID-19 (if we can even say anything can be positive to come out of such an awful pandemic) has been that businesses, especially large corporations, have had to be more flexible with employees. We’re all still learning about the “new norm” whether that’s working from home or changing working patterns, coronavirus has meant we’ve all had to adapt. This is also a case for many businesses who have recently introduced flexible working, as many employers and employees have had to juggle home-schooling with working full time.
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