Search Engine Optimisation

SEO (or “Search Engine Optimisation”) is a must-have for any and every business with an online presence.

No ifs, no buts - If you aren’t investing in SEO you are doing two things…

  1. Reducing your chances of revenue growth.
  2. Failing to build a future-proofed revenue stream.

Whilst many forms of advertising and marketing stop working almost immediately after activity ceases, a strong SEO strategy will last the long haul (continuing to invest and stay ahead of trends/competition is always recommended!)

SEO is a multifaceted discipline. Luckily we have over a decade’s experience in SEO at Friel in every area...

Keyword Research

Need to find the terms that will push revenue and/or get general readers on your site via educational guides? Our keyword research process is thorough and leaves no stone unturned.

Technical SEO

From crawling and indexing health to ensuring data is tracking correctly, our technical SEO knowledge spans a range of CMS’s and business niches.

Local SEO

Need help getting your local business seen in Ipswich, Suffolk, or anywhere else? We can help optimise both your local business listings and website to ensure you are seen in your community.

International SEO

Targeting multiple countries and languages? International SEO is a discipline in its own right, needing a strong understanding of hreflang and website structure to avoid cannibalisation issues.

Algorithm or Manual Action Penalty recovery

Did your previous agency get a little too spammy on link building or using unethical SEO tactics? Has your website seen a notable drop in traffic recently? We can analyse the situation and take actions to reverse negative SEO trends. Backlink audits? Disavow files? Reconsideration requests? We’ve seen it all!

Site Launches and Migrations

Moving a website isn’t just about pages – you want to take existing traffic with you too! A poorly managed site launch without SEO consideration can cause BIG problems. We have experience helping dozens of businesses successfully launch websites with strong SEO principles from the get-go!

SEO-led Content Strategies

There are no shortcuts in modern SEO, Good content = Good rankings. From ensuring service pages are well-optimised for keywords and user needs, to knowledge-base content plans to educate your audience, we ensure your website delivers the goods!

If you’d like to talk to an SEO agency you can trust, contact Friel TODAY to see how we can help your business with its goals.

Client FAQs:

What does SEO mean?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation” and is the act of helping websites achieve strong positioning in search results when a user enters keywords relevant to your business.

How does SEO work?

SEO involves understanding how search engines like Google and Bing crawl the internet to build their index and serve it to users, as well as what influences higher rankings. Tactics to achieve this tend to be spread across technical website needs, content needs and off-page signals such as links.

However, this is still an overly simplified explanation - these processes all have their own specialist needs that can differ based on multiple factors (for example, an international business will have VERY different needs to a local business).

Why is SEO important?

When was the last time you used Google or Bing to find a product or service you then purchased? The average person does between 2-4 Google searches per day. Much like cars driving past an advertising board, search engines are a place your potential customers frequent and you want them to see your brand when relevant!

Still not convinced? What if we told you over 53% of web traffic comes via organic results in search engines, and traffic from SEO has a close rate of 14%? SEO as a marketing channel has HUGE potential to make-or-break your business, so ignore it at your own peril!

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