Buyer Personas – What are they and why are they important?!


I’ll admit it. I have always been one for finding value. But, which buyer persona category would I fit into?

If you find me closely inspecting produce in a supermarket aisle, it’s not because my eyesight is that bad – it’s likely I’m trying to read that little small print underneath the price of an item that tells you how much you’re paying per litre or kilogram. I’ll put back shampoo and only keep the body wash, because surely it will do the job of cleaning my locks too?

But am I alone? Am I a complete cheapskate? Certainly not – as not all buyers purchase with the same method, thought and attention.

At Friel, we tailor our paid media communications to this cross section of buyers by uncovering their varied psychologies – what makes someone buy something? We explore 4 key core personas, all with different views on what it perceives as value.

The Analytical Buyer

The first type of buyer persona is the Analytical buyer. Arguably, this is the category I would fall into. An Analytical buyer has done their homework on a product and is determined to take action after taking their time and reviewing all the facts and figures. In their eyes, their decision comes from just making sense in the grand scheme of things.

We also like to avoid risk and tend to choose the smartest and safest option available to us. But on the contrary, an Analytical buyer can appear to be disengaged and disinterested, if they’re not presented with the information in the first instance of contact.

The Expressive Buyer

Expressive buyers, on the other hand, prefer the unknown. This type of buyer persona is a risk taker who gets bored very quickly. They need to be wowed with what you’re offering and the impulsive urges will most likely be the make or break behind their decision. Forget the finer details – they couldn’t think of anything worse than scouring through or contract or proposal. However, don’t underestimate the ability of an Expressive buyer. They may seem erratic and more than happy to move on to the next topic or subject, they tend to have that ‘knack’ of making the right decisions. Encourage them to open up too by asking them questions and how they have dealt with the issue you are presenting a solution to – it’s a great way of retaining their attention and interest.

Assertive Buyers

On the opposite side of the spectrum, is the Assertive buyer persona. Assertive buyers take absolutely no shit. They’re here to make a decision and they want to make it now. At first, they may seem unreasonable with their demands and plain rude, but they enjoy the simplicity and clarity that your product or service will get the job done. After all, that’s why they wanted to learn more about what you do and offer.

Amiable Buyers

The fourth (and most friendly) of our buyer personas are our naturally Amiable buyers. The most loyal of the bunch, they will be the nicest people in the room – but with that comes their emotional inability to say no. They tend to steer away from conflict and confrontation where possible and are intent on making everyone happy. In order to get the most out your Amiable buyer, seek to find some common ground with them. They will always be conscious that the decision they are making is having a positive effect on those at stake, no matter how big or small the decision is.

When creating ads, we explore what makes our audience tick. We experiment with caption testing, inspired by the buyer personas to hit the right user at the right time, all the while, promoting the right message that speaks the right way to them. Although, often overlooked, experimenting with captions and copy will help you refine your message and identify your core audience.

If you need assistance with your company’s strategy, messaging or paid media, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Friel at [email protected] or 01473 684192.

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